Timeline History - Friends of the Panhandle Pathway – Events and activities and milestones.  TomA  11/18/2013
Year Month Date Date comment Event/Activity Reference
1850     mid to late RR Constructed and operational, 1st single track then 2 tracks. Pittsburg to Chicago (and St Louis) via Columbus OH).  Ref: various & page 58 Pulaski County Sesquicentennial 1989 Library
1974 August     Last Passenger train (Floridian and the James Whitcomb Riley) IT1605 Dispatcher IT1605 Dispatcher -Inditana Railroad Bullsession
1983 Nov     Intention to Abandon  Abandonment note in Commissioner minutes Nov 7  1983 Library
2003     early 2004 Last Freight Train Superintendent Indiana Railroads Bull Session 11/16/13
2005 May 6   Out of Service RR Section between Winamac and Kenneth was Railbanked by Surface Transportation Board, A&R and the Indiana Trails Fund (ITF)  various sources
2005 Jun 5   1st ITF Meetings in Winamac with the Pulaski County Community Development Commission. Lisa Malchow and Dan Dolezal: 25 – 50 local (Pulaski County) people attended D Dolezal notes/TomA notes
2005 Nov 5   Ownership xferred from A&R Railroad to Indiana Trails Fund (ITF).  Parcel 09-04-23-400-024.000-003 description
2005     Late Monthly meetings started with a small interested Winamac “Working Group” and ITF  
2005     Late Local informal Group Formed: ‘Friends of the Panhandle Pathway’,   
2006     Fall A ‘Friends of the Panhandle Web Site’ was set http://panhandlepathway.org/  Various
2006     Fall With local donations, in-kind donations, and some ITF money the limestone surfaced section from 215S (Tippecanoe River Bridge south end) to CR250S.  This ‘Historical Section’ was used on 2 annual YMCA Tippecanoe and Bicycles Too Rides. (Ref: various) Various
2007 Feb   about Interviewed consultants, Hired Green3, (Dawn Kroh), Indianapolis as our consultant and grant writer  
2007 Mar     With local donations, in-kind donations, and some ITF money the bridge over Mill Creek (the bridge to nowhere) construction was completed.  Now called Mikes Bridge. Photo’s
2007 Oct 9   Friends of the Panhandle Pathway, Inc formed as a non profit 501c4 organization Indiana Incorporation Certificate
2007 Nov     Amanda Rybarczyk of Ball State prepared a Panhandle Pathway Feasibility Master Plan Study for the trail  Minutes & the plan
2007 April 29   Open house at town park pavilion as part of RTP Grant Application  4/5/07 WG notes
2007 Jun 7 about Established relationship with PCCF Endowment & Pass Through  
2008 May 23   First 3rd Grade “Panhandle Pathway” Walk about Town day at Town Park  Minutes
2008 Nov     DNR Recreational Trails Program Grant (RTP) was awarded to complete the trail from South Side Winamac (150S) to Star City (Key Street), limestone surface. ($187,500 with 20% local match) Minutes
2008 May   about Received Major Moves ADTF $900K Grant to complete limestone surface the 21 mile trail Minutes
2009 Mar 17   Ownership Transferred from ITF to FoPP of the  21 mile Railbanked property from ITF Parcel 09-04-23-400-024.000-003, Cass County & 66-14-13-300-051.001-011 Pulaski County description
2009 Mar 25   Purchased from ITF the 5 miles from Winamac to Star City, Bargain sale used for RTP Jun 12, 2009 Parcel 66-07-25-100-022.000-010 description (TRBridge area)
2009 Sep   about ARRA Awarded $2.5 million Grant (via INDOT) to Pave and totally complete the trail Kenneth – Winamac File Notes
2009 Sep 26   Bike Ride Star City Trail Head. Started Bike rides, Fish Fry, Porta Pit etc, fund raisers to support the operation of the Pathway. (Ref: Panhandlepathway.org events)  
2009 Oct 14   Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Winamac – Star City section at 150S Trailhead  Minutes
2011 Mar 10   1st Sponsored information sign installed (Farm Bureau – local agriculture)  
2011 Apr 1   Purchased property from north of Railbanked Trail to Winamac Town Limits.(Ref Parcel # 66-14-13-300-051.001-011 description)  
2011 Jun 1   Joined Facebook Panhandle page  
2011 Oct 31   Completed purchase of property from Railbanked North end to Town Properly 66-14-13-300-052.001-011  description
2011 June 11   Grand opening/Ribbon Cutting of the completed trail (Ref: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prYj9ATc7e0 & Panhandlepathway.org events)  Events
2012 Sep 10   Panhandle Cruise (Panhandlepathway.org events)  
2013     Early Received sufficient local donations to connect to Winamac Town Streets Varoius
2013 May     Completion of paving of the Panhandle Pathway to the Winamac Trail Connection (Town Streets)  Picture data
2013 Oct 22   Dedication of the 3.5 Acre Historical Prairie Grass Segment at 400S Pulaski County Web site events